We supplies contract research facilities that can provide support for basic, preclinical and clinical research needs. These research facilities are managed under cGMP and GLP environment with stringent quality control and assurance standards that exceeds current international regulatory standards established by USFDA and EMEA. 

Teacher Research Journal

The Teachers Research Journal is accreted by miscellaneous professional bodies. It is a quarterly published broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed scientific journal circulated electronically. Articles will appear individually as soon as they are accepted and are ready for circulation.

We publishes the manuscripts describing the analytical  characterization, discovery, methodologies, and production of drugs or pharmaceutical products and their systematic utilization with respective therapeutic outcomes. 


We publish the eBooks with the sole aim of assuring the availability the scientific information. We publish eBooks in all fields of Science, Medicine, Engineering and Technology. We also promote awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and to aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. 

We accept the scientific research work in all areas of applied science; pharmacotherapy, chemical technology, health management, biotechnology, bio-statistics,bioinformatic, veterinary, fisheries, animal biological, nutrition, dental,physio–therapeutical sciences.

Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery and Technology Development Inc. 

Webber Teleclass Inc. is a live seminar to listen and participate over the telephone, or access through on-line recording. Paul Webber heads up Webber Training Inc. and hosts many teleclasses. Prof. Syed Sattar of the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology at the University of Ottawa plays an integral role in the strategic planning and successful execution of the teleclasses.

We are pleased to introduce the Journals Consortium Archive of Graduate and Postgraduate Dissertations/ Thesis. These are resources of immense research value across academic disciplines. But, unluckily, most thesis/dissertations tend to be restricted to university libraries and archives.

Advanced Business and Finance 

This is an international journal publishing reliable reviews and high quality original articles in all areas of business and finance. We are especially interested in manuscripts reporting on inter-disciplinary studies at the cross-sections between different business modules.  

We mainly publish primary research papers with findings of unusual significance and broad scientific interest. The main criteria for weighing the appropriateness of a manuscript are its originality, novelty, potential significance and interest to the field, and robustness of data.

Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences

We takes a very active role in selecting and refereeing papers, ensuring the best quality of contemporary applications. Subscription of this Journal is free of charge. Articles will appear individually as soon as be accepted and are ready for circulation.

Conference Proceedings

The academic proceedings are the collection of academic manuscripts accepted by scientific committee of conference. These novel ideas are presented in relevant scientific session and then eventually published in the context of that academic conference. Such material is distributed electronically either before the opening conference or after it has been closed. 

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We takes a very active role in selecting and refereeing papers, ensuring the best quality of contemporary applications. Subscription of this Journal is free of charge. Articles will appear individually as soon as be accepted and are ready for circulation.

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Journal of Experimental Physics

The “Journal of Experimental Physics” is constituted by Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Inc., Canada. It is a broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed journal circulated electronically via the web. Journal of Experimental Physics covers a wide spectrum of applied and experimental physics and promotes the papers presented at scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums and meetings. 

Consortium of Scienced and Technology

We need the applicants seeking to develop the skills and get the knowledge beyond the traditional methods. The candidates, who want to become pioneer in new ways of thinking and challenge the status quo. we welcome you to join us at Consortium of Science and Technology. We have redefined the boundaries of learning to create an online experience with the academic rigor, competent faculty, and innovative frameworks. 




We are a knowledge based scientific conglomerate focusing on professing the knowledge and providing research support Our team of experts are world-renowned international academicians, technocrats and industry-experts, who believe in sharing knowledge to expand scientific research in applied sciences, biological sciences and medicine that often gets neglected by present international scientific community due to "herd-mentality". Our core focus is to develop a common platform or repository that provides appropriate research tools and resources for budding scientists to support sustainable technology development and research. Moreover; we also provide a platform for researchers to connect with their national and international peers who have strong expertise and wide-range of experience in biotechnology, health sciences and applied sciences.